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A new phase of the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak ARG is live

rainbow six siege outbreak arg file 3

An ARG is currently underway for Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming (probably) zombie-themed Outbreak mode, and it’s already revealed a few tantalizing details about what to expect, including hints at potential settings and maps. Now the third phase is underway, and players are combing through Kafe Dostoyevsky to unlock the latest set of clues.

Here’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak so far.

So far, it’s mostly been a big bunch of paper slips strewn about Kafe Dostoyevsky marked with hyphenated sets of numbers like 2-32-33 or 1-4-18. Occasionally there’s a single lowercase letter attached, as well. The only other thing players have noted so far is a number of backpacks strewn throughout the level.

Previous stages of the ARG involved completing coordinates for a QR code and deciphering a bird-related mystery phrase, both of which revealed passwords for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Leaks page. The first two files included documents and images revealing some Outbreak backstory while hinting toward the actual content of the mode. File #3 currently awaits a password.

The best place to track the ARG’s current progress is the megathread on Reddit, and you can get some more detailed background from the Game Detectives wiki.