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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest champions mounted a six-round comeback to claim victory

Rainbow six siege hong kong map

However bad things get in online multiplayer, it often only takes one small mistake to spark a game-changing comeback. And at the Rainbow Six Siege year two, season three Pro League finals at the weekend, Black Dragons learned that the hard way, although not quite in the way you’d expect.

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In the competition final on Sunday, Black Dragon faced off against Ence Esports. Ence had claimed the first match, and were leading the series 1-0, but had lost four straight rounds on the second map, and were one loss away from losing the match, taking the championship to a decider.

At the beginning of the fifth round, Ence received a stroke of bad luck as Kantoraketti accidentally team-killed Sha77e. In many cases, that single disheartening moment could have cost the entire series, but Ence somehow managed to claim that round, as well as the next three, taking the match to overtime.

After claiming a win in the ninth round, Ence emerged victorious in a blisteringly fast final round. That success meant that Ence claimed the match 2-0, bouncing back significantly from the season two championship, where they exited the tournament in the quarter-finals.