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New Rainbow Six Siege Pro League skins have been datamined

Rainbow Six Siege

The latest Rainbow Six Siege Pro League skins have been datamined. Ahead of the game’s next expansion, due to launch in August, skin sets for Ying, Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia have appeared in the game files of Siege’s latest build.

Ubisoft releases a new set of Pro League skins to commemorate every season. Each of the skins released follows the same visual style - black and white, with gold highlights. The operators covered by this most recent spate of skins are all relatively recent additions to the Rainbow Six roster, meaning that, up until now, they've been somewhat lacking in terms of cosmetics.

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Vigil’s new skin is a particular highlight of the collection, and it comes complete with his newly gold-trimmed ballistic mask (and a Union Flag on the buckle). As with the rest of the Pro League skins, he’s decked out in a fetching white, black, and gold ensemble. As ever, there are also newly-customised weapons, complete with adorable gold chibi charms.

You can check out the skins in detail in this Reddit thread. Ahead of the release of the next Rainbow Six expansion, Ubisoft has been busy making some balance changes. Blackbeard sees some changes to his shield, as well as his damage output, but while it initially seems that Finka would be getting buffed, she’s actually getting something more like a slight redesign.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 expansion 3 is due to release next month, featuring one British and one American operator, as well as a map redesign. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

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