Here’s why Rainbow Six: Siege’s upcoming patch is 42GB

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health Spawn Killing Hitboxes

Ubisoft have answered some questions about the patching process for the forthcoming Year Two Season Three patch for Rainbow Six: Siege. There are no details yet as to the content we’ll see when the update eventually drops, but today’s blog post provides some information about patch sizes and an update to texture quality.

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of our best FPS games on PC.

Ubisoft say that their plan for this patch is to “resettle [sic] the foundation that future patches are built upon, and establishing the Y2S3.0 patch as the new baseline that we will update the game client from.” By updating the game’s forges (which are explained in more detail in the patch notes), the aim is to make sure the game takes up less hard drive space and that load times are faster.

The estimated patch sizes at this point (Ubisoft make it clear that they are subject to change) are 42GB for Ultra HD PC users, and 26GB for those without Ultra HD. Updating all of the game’s forges contributes significantly to the size of the patch, which is why it’s larger than average.

PC users will also see “a slight increase in quality for character textures and a significant increase for environment texture quality available for all settings” from Low to Ultra.

There are a lot of extra details about the way the game’s data works in the rest of the blog post, which you can take a look at here.