Ubisoft are upgrading the Rainbow Six Siege servers, starting today

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health Spawn Killing Hitboxes

Ubisoft will be upgrading player servers for Rainbow Six Siege, according to a Reddit post by community manager Matt Shotcha.

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The changes were first announced at the game’s Year 2, Season 1 finals back in May. Testing for some server based features has already started on the game’s Technical Test Servers (TTS), but Shotcha says “we are excited to begin testing our upgraded servers in the next TTS, set to open later today.”

Testing on the upgraded servers will be ongoing, and any issues that are discovered “could potentially lead to a delay in the live deployment.” Since the aim of the upgrade is to have “better quality servers, and more stability,” Shotcha says that changes need to be “100% ready to deploy live” before they are released. As a result, no expected completion date has been announced.

Commenting on the same thread, Ubisoft community developer Justin Kruger said that the purpose of the new servers is to allow the developers to “host more game sessions on the same server,” which would improve stability, ping, and tick rate. He also noted that there would be other upcoming changes aimed at fixing ping and tick rate in particular in the coming months.

You can download the TTS now on PC by heading to the Games section in the Uplay PC app.