Reddit AMA confirms a new shield operator, Tachanka rework are coming to Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege’s developers hosted a Reddit AMA earlier today, with game director Leroy Athanassoff and game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle on hand to answer the community’s questions about operator design.

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One of the biggest details is that more shield operators are on the way, but only after problems with existing shields get fixed. “This issue comes from the fact that the first person camera while playing a shield gives you the perception of a wider angular protection than it actually offers,” says Halle. “It’s a really complex one to fix.”

More big changes are on the way for Tachanka, who Athanassoff admits is “so far outside of the meta that he is basically playing a different game.” They’ve put effort into finding a way to buff the character with minor changes, but at this point it looks like he’s in line for a full revamp. That makes him a long-term project, so expect it to be a while before his changes manifest.

Athanassoff also reveals that Blackbeard was on the chopping block, but the team didn’t have the chance to cut him. The operator was part of version of Siege that was “different” than what players showed the game truly was, and “in terms of design, that can feel a bit in between what the game was like pre-launch vs post-launch.”

Still, Athanassoff says “Blackbeard is not a regret. It was something that we started working on before the game was released, and it was a good decision and design based on what we knew before the game was out.” They’re happy with where the operator is at these days.