Rainbow Six Siege brand director: “We have a problem with team killing”

Rainbow Six Siege team killing

Ubisoft are well aware of Rainbow Six Siege’s team-killing problem, but solving it without breaking the game is proving a challenge.

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Speaking to us in a larger interview, Rainbow Six Siege’s brand director Alexandre Remy admits that the development team “have a problem with team killing, and with people who leave before the end of the match.” He says they are “the two main issues we have today in terms of toxic behaviour that we’d love to fix in the future.”

However, Remy says a fix for these problems won’t be coming soon.

“There are some very easy solutions, but they would drastically change the gameplay,” Remy explains. “We could do a quick fix that is potentially the wrong solution to a good question, or we can take more time and invest in the proper solution. It’s going to be a longer process, because usually the proper solution is more complex.”

The abundance of team killing in Rainbow Six Siege has even pushed the team to consider a radical solution: “To be extremely transparent, we’ve talked about one easy solution, which is, ‘Hey, let’s remove friendly fire…’” But they don’t want to implement a change like that because “All of a sudden it changes the DNA of the game. Do we want this? I think overall we don’t.”

Remy says that “We have a couple of ideas and designs on paper about this [and] rest assured that we are extremely aware of this issue, and will deploy a solution when the time is right.”

With additional reporting by Ben Maxwell.