Ubisoft server crisis delays Rainbow Six Siege update

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If you’ve been having problems connecting to Ubisoft games in the last day or so, it’s not your imagination, and it’s not just you. Ubi’s servers are going through some kind of crisis, which is causing widespread issues across all its online services – from games to websites.

Assuming the servers don’t melt down, here’s what else is coming in Rainbow Six Siege year two.

Curiously, Ubisoft themselves seem to be on different pages about this; the US support site announces a period of “maintenance,” but the EU site says “we are currently experiencing degradation on all Ubisoft services” and thanks readers for their patience “while this issue is being investigated,” which suggests something rather more serious.

Between these two announcements and a third, Ubisoft confirm anecdotes of connection issues across all their games and services. The US announcement says: “Players may be disconnected from the multiplayer portions of their games and from Uplay PC, and be unable to reconnect to them or to other online features, services, forums, and websites.”

As a result of the hiccup, deployment of Rainbow Six Siege’s 2.2.1 updatehas been delayed to tomorrow instead of today. Players will be compensated with 24 hours of 50% bonus renown once the issue is sorted, according to community manager Epi’sannouncement on Reddit.

We’ll let you know more as we hear it. Here’s what’s coming in update 2.2.1, when it actually arrives.