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Rainbow Six Siege nerfs put Ash, Ela, and Twitch in the firing line again

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Rainbow Six Siege’s developers aren’t done with the nerfs yet – Ash, Ela, and Twitch will get additional nerfs after the Six Invitational, according to Ubisoft.

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During a Twitch livestream about changes in patch 4.2 and the upcoming Six Invitational, the Rainbow Six Siege development team discussed nerfs currently being tested and revealed there could be more on the way for Ash, Ela and Twitch.

“We’re not done, we’re still working on it,” says community developer Craig Robinson regarding Ela’s nerfs. “But we couldn’t make too many drastic changes leading up to the Invitational.”

Twitch could also be in the firing line once again. The team revealed they wanted to make changes, in the current patch being tested, to both her weapon and her drone but did not want to push out two change at once. “It’s very possible that we end up nerfing the famas a bit,” says game designer John Baptiste-Hall.

Ash, on the other hand, seems to be a much more difficult operator to nerf as she’s “the whole package”, though the development team still believes she is overpowered and changes could be on the horizon.

These nerfs will not be tested until after the Invitational to avoid tampering too much with the game’s pro league meta.

This is not the first time these operators have seen changes, current nerfs are being tested on Rainbow Six Siege’s TTS right now as part of patch 4.2.

However, future changes are not set in stone. The development team will reassess whether further nerfs are required after the current batch of changes go live.