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Ubisoft reveals Rainbow Six Siege’s FBI SWAT team

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft have gone and revealed the second set of their Rainbow Six Siege operators, the FBI SWAT team.

Is that any different to a regular SWAT team? Do the FBI get their very own SWAT team all to themselves? Why does the FBI even need a SWAT team? And what’s wrong with regular SWAT teams anyway? Is there a rivalry there?

None of these questions are answered in the explanatory reveal video, which you can watch below.

The FBI SWAT team joins the British SAS team as one of Rainbow Six Siege’s five available door-kickers.

The keen eyed will note that the American response unit is formed of operatives with varying abilities. Ash has a grenade launcher that has a habit of destroying large parts of the level. Thermite can breach walls using that strange, explosive polyfiller stuff that SWAT teams sometimes have, I suppose. Thermite, I imagine it’s called.

The other two fulfill more defensive roles. Pulse can essentially see through walls with a heartbeat sensor. Finally, Castle carries around a heavy duty kevlar barricade, which he can plonk down in narrow spaces to form impromptu cover.

Each operator comes armed with their unique ability, unique gadget and different weapons, painting Rainbow Six Siege as a sort of character-mastering co-op endeavour, a bit like Payday.

The three yet to be revealed teams are the German GSG 9, the French GIG N and the Russian Spetznaz.

There’s more information to be found over on the official Rainbow Six Siege page. Ubisoft’s door-kicker-in-and-shout-and-shoot-the-baddies game is out October 13.