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The best tactical FPS game of all time is cheaper than ever right now

Above Gray Zone Warfare, Escape From Tarkov, or Insurgency Sandstorm, one tactical FPS rules the genre, and it’s now cheaper than ever.

Rainbow Six Vegas Steam sale: A sniper from tactical FPS game Rainbow Six Vegas

For the sake of argument, let’s break FPS games into two broad categories. Doom Eternal, Dusk, Half-Life, Quake – these represent the pure energy, run-and-gun style of shooter. Your problems here are solved by a crowbar and a Super Shotgun. But then you have Gray Zone Warfare, Escape From Tarkov, Arma, SWAT, and the canon of ‘realistic’ shooters. Cerebral and tense, every decision can be the difference between life and death. Originally released in 2006, the very best tactical shooter – even to this day – is now cheaper than ever.

Before The Division, Siege, and the entire Assassin’s Creed series, Ubisoft found the tactical FPS game sweet spot with the original Rainbow Six Vegas. It’s complex and involved, and you need to move carefully, pick your shots, and balance stealth with aggression, but it’s also accessible and comprehensible. Where Arma, SWAT, and other genre favorites have a steep barrier to entry, and can often feel fussy and awkward to manage, even if you’re a veteran, Rainbow Six Vegas is pacey and intuitive.

It’s also shockingly violent. The sinister ‘thup-thup’ of your silenced assault rifle combined with hit-specific wounds and bloodstains make every kill in Rainbow Six Vegas feel like an exercise in brutal efficiency. Enemies die quickly, but so do you – you don’t know tension in videogames until you’ve tried the superlative ‘Terrorist Hunt’ mode on the Library map, with opposition density set to high.

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The sequel, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, is just as good, though a little more laden with features and team management. It’s the original that works the best. Ubisoft masterfully creates the atmosphere and impression of a high-stakes, low-hum horror tactical shooter without the mechanical fuss.

Right now, Rainbow Six Vegas is available at its lowest price in US dollars ever, at just $2.49/£2.14. It’s been slightly cheaper in other currencies in the past, but if you’re buying in USD, this is your chance to get the best tactical FPS at a historic low. Just head right here.

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