Randal’s Monday is like Groundhog Day for pop culture geeks

Randal's Monday comes out Q3 2014

Adventure games, at least traditional point-and-click romps, have always really been about stealing everything not nailed down, so it only makes sense that the titular character of Randal’s Monday would be a kleptomaniac, and a sociopath and terrible friend just for good measure. 

Being a terrible friend, Randal wakes up on the Monday morning after his friend’s engagement party with a killer hangover and his chum’s engagement ring. Like any normal human being, he sells the ring and sets off a series of catastrophic events and a nasty curse. Oh yeah, and his friend kills himself. 

Comedies, these days. 

So now Randal must live through this terrible Monday over and over again until he can recover the ring, stop the death of his chum and, because why not, stop the universe from collapsing. As well as being a rather depressing dark comedy seemingly inspired by Groundhog day, it’s laden with pop culture references from the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, celebrating the games, TV shows and films from the periods.

I’m always a little wary when games – or indeed any media – promote the fact that they are filled with pop culture gags. It seems a little forced, as does the trailer. But I can never have too many point-and-click adventure games, and the premise has, at the very least, intrigued me. And hey, I’m hooked on Community, so it’s hardly like I’m immune to pop culture homages.

Randal’s Monday is coming out in Q3 this year