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Randy Pitchford thinks he’s been tweeting Sony’s CEO - he has not

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Gearbox CEO, and president, Randy Pitchford may be a renowned game developer, but it seems Twitter isn’t exactly his strong suit. 

Remember the time Randy Pitchford discovered Battleborn porn?

The Borderlands creator has been tweeting Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai, on Twitter, with helpful suggestions about how Xbox, and PlayStation could work together. Except it’s not actually Kaz Hirai, it’s a parody account, which is pretty clearly written in the account’s bio.

Eventually a kind-hearted Twitter user broke the news to Pitchford, who took the news pretty well – even if he was a bit disappointed Hirai wasn’t as cool as he thought.

Randy Pitchford recently revealed an earlier, very different version of Duke Nukem Forever may get released in the future.