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Elden Ring publisher’s anime RPG game suddenly pulled from Steam

An anime RPG game from Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Tekken publisher Bandai Namco has suddenly vanished from Steam after eight years.

Ray Gigant Steam delisted: A young character from RPG game Ray Gigant

With Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree confirmed, trailered, and complete with a release date, you might be tempted to give the rest of the Bandai Namco back catalogue a look. As either a developer or publisher, the studio has been responsible for some of the biggest games of all time, including Dark Souls, Tekken, and of course, the original base version of Elden Ring itself. Nevertheless, one Bandai Namco RPG is now more or less inaccessible on PC. Originally launched back in 2016, it’s just been pulled from Steam, making it essentially unplayable forever.

The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date is finally confirmed and on its way, but Bandai Namco has plenty of other classics in its proverbial publishing storage locker, like One Piece Odyssey, Divinity Original Sin 2 – which it shipped to consoles – and of course the Dark Souls and Tekken series. Ray Gigant, however, the Bandai Namco RPG game from 2016, is more or less lost to gaming history now, having just been unceremoniously pulled from Valve’s storefront.

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A dungeon crawler with an anime and visual novel-style aesthetic, Ray Gigant puts a twist on conventional RPG battles by swapping perspectives every time you switch to a new character. You can also fight in real time using a quasi rhythm game combo system, whereby you hammer out moves and button presses to a plodding beat in order to maximize damage. Boasting an 8.1 user score on Metacritic, Ray Gigant is an underplayed but strong companion to the likes of Persona and Octopath Traveller.

Nevertheless, as of Friday March 1, the game has been pulled from Steam and is no longer available to buy. Similarly, it is not available for sale on other PC platforms like the Epic Games Store, meaning it’s essentially gone for good. If you have a PlayStation Vita, Ray Gigant was also released on Sony’s handheld back in the day. But the PC devout will unlikely be able to try this one for themselves.

Ray Gigant Steam delisted: The Ray Gigant Steam page showing the RPG game is no longer for sale

As to why Ray Gigant has been pulled from Steam, no reason has been given by developer Bandai Namco or the publisher, Acttil. The game’s store page has not been updated with an explanation or statement, and the Steam backend simply says that the store page has been “retired” on “publisher request.” Acttil’s official website still lists the game as being available on Steam.

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