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Razer buy Ouya; CEO Julie Uhrman moves on


Until now, Ouya’s best work was in keeping TowerFall incubated until it was finally ready to come to the PC. Despite a hugely successful early Kickstarter push, only those most committed to the idea of open platform gaming could forgive the Android machine’s launch problems – sticking controller buttons, snagging analogue sticks, lag, and an unlovely interface.

But the microconsole company have managed to keep afloat since – long enough to find a buyer in Razer, them of colourful keyboards and other gaming doohickies.

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman made the announcement on Twitter.

“Thank you all, you know who you are,” she added. “I couldn’t have done it without you. OUYA was a once in a lifetime experience. Now, I’m off to find the next…stay tuned!”

Meanwhile, Razer’s Min-Liang Tan has confirmed the deal to TechCrunch. Razer have bought Ouya’s software assets and hired on its technical and developer relations teams – apparently to help with their Android TV business. But they’ve left the console itself and the controller behind.

Ouya’s fate seemed sealed after the company’s post-launch initiatives – to extend the Ouya software to other platforms, and to support exclusives via the ‘Free the Games Fund’ – came to very little. What do you think Razer might do with their staff’s experience?