Save up to 42% on Razer’s BlackWidow Elite mechanical gaming keyboard

A premium keyboard currently without the premium price

When you spend a lot of time at your PC, one of the kindest things you can do is treat your fingers to a quality keyboard. Especially for gamers, each keystroke can be the difference between a win and a loss. Fortunately, Razer’s BlackWidow Elite gaming keyboard can keep you sprinting and strafing towards victory at a discounted price.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite is currently 42% off on Amazon UK, slashing its price from an eye watering £179.99 to a much more manageable £104.99, provided you’re fine with tactile and clicky Green switches. If you want the tactile and silent Orange switches, you’ll have to fork out a little more at £149.48, shaving 17% off its original price.

Over in the US, you can get 24% off the gaming keyboard, cutting its price from $169.99 to just $129.99 across the board. Good old reliable Green switches certainly are one of the most satisfying to type on, but those working in an office might want to avoid the noise by considering the much quieter Orange or linear Yellow switches. Or you can simply annoy your colleagues like I do.

The BlackWidow is Razer’s flagship keyboard model, and Elite simply means it has been given the premier treatment.

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No matter which of Razer’s proprietary switches you choose, each comes with a relatively short pre-travel distance and low actuation force, perfect for gamers to react with a minimal delay. But what really separates the Elite from any other BlackWidow is the dedicated media keys and multifunction dial in the top right corner, making sure you’re always in control.

It ships with an ergonomic wrist rest, which is by far the comfiest I’ve ever tested thanks to its leatherette-covered memory foam, letting you rush B in FPS games for longer. In fact, this has proven such a popular product that Razer sells it as a standalone item, and has since spun off a Pro version with cooling properties that’s only sold separately.

And since all the best gaming keyboards have RGB these days, the Razer BlackWidow Elite rounds off its feature set with flashy Chroma lighting and HyperShift macros for a second layer of custom controls.

These price cuts bridge the gap between the BlackWidow and BlackWidow Elite, letting you get all the extra trim without paying the premium. At this discount, it’s hard not to call it an unmissable bargain.