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The Razer Card is the world’s first light-up payment card, but it isn’t RGB

Razer makes the world's first light-up card, and doesn't include RGB

Razer is known for its left-field April Fools ideas, but unlike the Chroma toaster and RGB knife, Razer’s prepaid card is absolutely real and, of course, it’s the world’s first card to light up on payment. It’s just a shame that it isn’t RGB, but we at least know why Razer ditched Chroma this time around.

Made in collaboration with VISA, the Razer Card comes in three different versions: the Virtual Card on your smartphone, the Standard Card, which is a sleek black physical addition to your wallet, and the Premium Card, where the Razer logo glows its signature green when you tap for a contactless payment. As unexpected as this might’ve been, we can’t say it’s not the perfect time.

The question you might be asking is why? Well, it’s the natural expansion to Razer Pay, the company’s very own e-wallet, and is designed with rewards in mind. By using the Razer Card, you can net yourself “unique gamified rewards” and get cashback on all your purchases, with no minimum spend and no limit to the amount you can receive in return.

When the Razer Card finally releases, you’ll be able to get 5% cashback from all RazerStore and Razer Gold purchases, and 1% cashback from all purchases, no matter what you’re purchasing or where you’re buying from.

During beta, however, those that take part will get an uplifted 10% cashback when purchasing directly from Razer, and CEO Min-Liang Tan has stated that the firm will be offering “insane rewards” throughout the testing period. This includes the potential to earn up to $2,000-worth of gear, and need we remind you that Razer produces some of the best laptops and peripherals around?

Unfortunately, there is a catch – the beta is only available in Singapore to the first 1,337 users. There’s no sign how long the beta will last or what countries the Razer Card might come to next, but when it does go international, we can hope that it finally comes in RGB.