Grab Razer’s DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse for under $20

If you're looking for reliable rodent, Razer's affordable DeathAdder Essential is currently going for even less, thanks to a 35% discount

Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse with scroll wheel facing camera and other Razer mice in backdrop

The best gaming mouse options usually come with a few bells and whistles, but reliable rodents don’t have to come at a cost. Sure, flashy RBG lighting helps put on a gaming desk light show and extra buttons are an MMO game boon, but basic performance is arguably more important than all of that. With that in mind, it’s probably worth checking out Razer’s DeathAdder Essential, as can currently grab it for under $20.

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’ve already blown it on the best graphics card available, arming your rig with the Razer DeathAdder Essential is a no brainer. The peripheral packs a 6,400 DPI optical sensor and durable mechanical switches, both of which should help improve performance in the latest FPS games. The DeathAdder Essential also boasts five programmable buttons, and its ergonomic shape is sure to please your palms.

Over on Amazon US, Razer’s DeathAdder Essential is going for $19.49, thanks to a 35% discount. If you’re a denizen of the UK, you can also obtain this budget mouse for cheap, as a 17% discount brings its price down from £22.85 to £18.98.

Gaming PC accessories can cost a pretty penny, so the fact you can grab a reliable Razer mouse for cheap could help you balance your funds. For example, if you care more about high-fidelity audio, you could invest more in a premium gaming headset without compromising on your setup’s clicker.

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