Rumbly Razer gaming chair pillow could add Hypersense to any seat

Project Carol is a concept gaming chair head pillow with build-in 7.1 surround sound and haptic feedback, and it'll wirelessly transform your existing furniture

Razer Project Carol gaming chair pillow attached to Enki Pro

Razer has shared a nifty gaming chair add-on concept, and it could transform your existing seat into an immersive throne. The accessory looks almost like an ordinary head cushion, but it actually boasts surround sound abilities and rumbly haptics, building upon the company’s existing Hypersense range.

It’s needless to say that Razer knows how to whip up a best gaming chair contender, and its high-end Enki Pro is a testament to that fact. At this stage, it feels like the company has nailed ergonomics and comfort, but projects like the Enki Pro Hypersense suggest it’s now looking to add something entirely new into the mix.

We’re still waiting for the Snakehead firm’s rumbly seat to actually arrive on the scene, but Razer is seemingly already considering simpler alternatives. Enter Project Carol, a high-tech gaming chair pillow that’ll wirelessly enhance your ordinary desk furniture. The conceptual accessory packs features like Hypersense haptics and 7.1 surround sound into a reasonably sized cushion, with 2.4 GHz wireless serving as an effective way to cut the cord entirely.

Razer Project Carol gaming chair pillow attached to Enki Pro

All of Razer’s example images, and its demo at CES 2023, depict Project Carol attached to an Enki Pro, but it’s designed to latch onto “all major brands of gaming chairs.” Naturally, it’ll probably also fit onto cheap and cheerful seats, so long as its back actually has neck support (looking at you, dining chair users).

It’s worth reiterating that Project Carol is purely conceptual at this stage, and there’s a chance it’ll never actually become a real thing. That said, it’s easy to see why Razer is eager to share the idea, as it’d help a wide variety of gamers experience the benefits of haptics without having to splash out on a pricey chair or switch their headset to the Kraken V3 Hypersense.

We’d love to see Project Carol become an actual product, and trying out the Razer Enki Pro Hypersense is next on our agenda. The haptic-powered gaming chair hasn’t got a release date, but we’ll hopefully get to share our verdict when it eventually rolls onto the market.

In the meanwhile, check out our Razer Enki Pro review, as it’s a premium gaming chair that embodies comfort, ergonomics, and style.