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Superstar streamers beware - email scam offering Razer sponsorship will brick your PC

Razer targeted by email scammers

We’ve just been told about an email scam going around content creators and streamers promising lucrative Razer sponsorship. Clicking on any link in the email will start installing malware on your machine and things will start to go south rapidly.

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Razer already have a sponsorship program in place, but have never emailed people to join; instead they encourage sign-ups at the streamer support page on the official Razer site.

This latest email scam claims some streamer scout (what a job…) has discovered you and your obvious talent and thinks your incoherent shouting at a webcam is worthy of you being showered with untold Razer riches. The scout has then recommended to Razer that you be offered a contract as ‘a model of our marketing business with Twitch streamers and broadcasters.’

The email purports to come from a Daniel Werth at Razerzone Ltd. and is sent from a [email protected] email address. Those should be your first clues this is a bogus message – Razer have never refered to themselves as Razerzone Ltd. and secondly it comes from a misspelled gmail address.

Razer-targetting email scam

The email has been found by streamers in the US, Japan and this morning in the UK. So yeah, if you find an email from Daniel Werth in your inbox this weekend give it a wide berth.