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ReCore’s launch trailer shows action platforming through a desert with robot pals


ReCore’s out in a couple of weeks. That sure crept up on us, eh? It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we found out it was coming to PC and yet its launch trailer has already arrived. 

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The new trailer gives us a good look at the Jakku-like planet of Far Eden, and the game’s heroine, Joule Adams, along with her three robot pals.

As for those metal mates (or CoreBots), Adams will be able to take advantage of their various traits to help her on her journey. The dog’s your best pal, because it’s a dog. There’s a spider thing for being sneaky and sticking to walls. And there’s a big old bruiser who smacks things upside the head.

Outside of that, it looks like you’ll be platforming around this sandy world and filling robot bosses with bullets. No doubt there will be a Metroidvania quality to its exploration, with the makers ofMetroid Prime at the helm.

ReCore will be available on the Windows Store from September 13.

Here’s the new trailer: