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Red Alert 2’s cheesy cutscenes have been remastered in 4K

AI upscaling has allowed several older games to get HD textures, now Red Alert 2's cutscenes have the same.

red alert 2 ai upscaling

Remember when older games used to look incredible, or a videogame cutscene looked as awesome as anything in movies? Then you revisit them a few years later and they look blocky, stilted, and awful? Congratulations, you’re getting older.

Other than a full, expensive remaster, one new way for those games to look better cheaply that fans are discovering is through AI upscaling – where a game’s textures are polished and their resolution improved by an AI system. But what about a game’s cutscenes?

One YouTube channel has taken the challenge of applying this AI upscaling technology to older videogame cutscenes – and they’ve kicked off with one of the finest examples of lovable cheese out there, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The Command & Conquer series from Westwood famously has full live-action cutscenes, including the use of notable actors such as Tim Curry, Jonathan Pryce, Kelly Hu and JK Simmons. Red Alert 2 is arguably the best Command & Conquer game, and its wacky cutscenes are a large part of the appeal.

YouTube channel ClassiCinematics has made it its mission to remaster classic gaming cutscenes, and has recently completed its work on Red Alert 2 – you can check out improved versions of all the game’s cinematics below, all upscaled to make Carville’s moustache as bristly as possible. While it’s obviously not as good as a professional – and expensive – remaster, the results are still impressive, offering up to 4K at 60FPS.

YouTube Thumbnail

While games such as Max Payne, Jedi Knight, Final Fantasy VII and others have received AI-upscaled remasters, it’s rarely used for cutscenes. As ClassiCinematics points out on its Patreon page, “while it will never look as good as rendering natively at a high resolution, there can still be marked improvement in visual fidelity.” The channel also has remasters of Diablo 2’s cutscenes, and apparently will be covering Warcraft 3 next.

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Of course, this isn’t the only remastering of the Command & Conquer series that’s going on at this moment. EA is currently working on an official remake of the first Command & Conquer and Red Alert games – which will hopefully be out next year. Whether that will include those game’s live-action cutscenes, and whether they’ll look as nice as ClassiCinematics’ attempts, remains to be seen.