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Epic Store Black Friday sale begins - get RDR2, The Outer Worlds, and Borderlands 3 cheap

Some great deals on some great games this Black Friday

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You know what time it is, it’s time to spend too much money on games! The Epic Games Store now has its Black Friday sale live, and you might be impressed with the quality of some of its goods.

Ah, Black Friday sales, one of the best times to get all your gaming wares, especially when some of the biggest PC releases this year are discounted. You want to try out Red Dead Redemption 2? Epic is selling it for £43.99 ($47.99) down from £54.99. A great deal on a great game.

Perhaps you’re less wild west and more interstellar? In that case, The Outer Worlds is down to £37.49 ($44.99) and Borderlands 3 is even cheaper at £33.49 ($40.19). Golly, even Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is under 20 quid at £19.19 ($23.99). Or maybe you’re like me and you prefer to spend your time pretending to drink alcohol with the devil in hell? Well then Afterparty is for you and it’s reduced down to £13.59 ($16.99) in this sale.

Now for a quickfire round of other notable games, you might want to purchase from Epic, Ancestors is now £16.49 ($19.99), Metro: Exodus is £17.49 ($19.99), Celeste is only £7.99 ($9.99), and What the Golf is £10.39 ($12.99). There are plenty of other offers available too, just take a look at the full list here.

Of course, the Epic Store isn’t the only one to have a Black Friday sale on; Steam has got one knocking about too with a whole host of its own deals. Look out for discounts on games like Code: Vein, Gears 5, and Dead Cells over there.