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Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are planning a funeral for Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 updates have been missing for over a year, and now fans are seeking closure by hosting a funeral for the game in Red Dead Online

The last time Red Dead Online got updated with new content was July 13, 2021. Now, despite a little life still remaining in the open-world western, thanks to several fantastic mods, it looks like the community is preparing to move on, as RDR 2 fans plan a funeral for the game to be held later this month.

Marking one year since the launch of the – apparently final – Blood Money update, fansite Red Dead News has issued an open call to RDR 2 players, asking them to don their darkest funeral suits, and assemble online on July 13 to snap screenshots of themselves commemorating the death of Rockstar’s unloved masterwork.

In one sense, this seems like a eulogy – a collective, therapeutic send-off to help all us starved-for-content gunslingers finally get on with our lives. However, this “funeral” may also be an attempt to mobilise Rockstar into giving Red Dead some more attention, since players are being asked to upload their photos with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline. Will it work? Will this mass outpouring of grief be enough to demonstrate to the Rockstar higher ups that fans aren’t ready to let go? We hope so, but the world of Red Dead is cruel and imposing, and we’ve long become jaded by our bleak, update-less, frontier life.

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Nevertheless, we’ll be there, black suit, stetson, and perhaps a bunch of ginseng, to mark the Red Dead Online’s last waltz. Roanoke Ridge seems a good place to pay our respects, or perhaps that little barn, just outside Beecher’s Hope. That’s definitely got a sombre, deathly sort of vibe.

But if you’re not quite ready to bid Red Dead farewell, you can at least overhaul the single-player game with mods that change the entire law and police system, or redesign the wilderness and weather.