This Red Dead Redemption 2 mod features some of Red Dead Online’s best items

Hunt down all of Red Dead Online's best items without the fuss of bumping into other players

For all the hustle and bustle that Red Dead Online offers, some would prefer to go about their business alone. If that’s you, then this Red Dead Redemption 2 mod may be of some interest.

A group of modders has created Red Dead Offline, which aims to bring “all the good stuff from Red Dead Online to single-player”. Downloading it allows you to access goodies from various vendors in the western game. Modder LMS notes you could use a trainer to access the items, though they’ve made sure to make everything fit in naturally so you can have a better experience.

You’ll also find that special weapons from multiplayer are unlocked from the start, though they’re only available from select merchants to ensure their availability fits in with story progression. For example, you’ll find the Navy Revolver at the gunsmiths in Saint Denis alongside the Elephant Rifle. Lowry’s Revolver and the Bolas, meanwhile, can be picked up at Fences. There’s more on the way, too, as LMS says the team has plans to expand the mod.

Mind you, there are some known issues, but the team will iron these out at a later date. To name one, you can purchase an indefinite number of reinforced lassos, and the Burled Grip may be invisible after you purchase it. If you’d like to see the list in full or get directions on downloading the mod, everything you need is right here.

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