Hunt legendary rams and excavate fossils in Red Dead Online’s latest update

you can buy a racoon hat now, too

Cowboys love rams. It’s like their whole thing. “Get off your ram and drink your milk, which is also from a ram,” goes the classic John Wayne quote (well, sort of), and not for nothing. In the spirit of this ram-related-popularity, Rockstar Games’ latest update for Red Dead Online includes not one, but three legendary rams for players to hunt down. There are also some fossils. Not ram fossils though, sadly.

The three new varieties of ram are as follows. There’s the black and white Gabbro Horn ram, which you’ll find in Rio Bravo. The Gray Chalk Horn ram, ramming its way around the Grizzly Mountains. Finally, there’s the red-horned Rutile Horn ram, which likes to spend its time in both Rio Bravo and Cholla Springs. Players can visit naturalist Harriet Davenport to hunt this one. Take it down, and you’ll get a free poncho “of your choice”.

There are those fossils, too. Three new collections of Coastal, Oceanic, and Megafauna. Rockstar isn’t skimping on the loot, either. Collect but a single fossil to receive a Tarot card, lost jewellery, and an arrow head.

There’s also a bunch of new discounts, including five gold bars off the collector’s bag, half off all collector’s maps, 40% off all collector’s outfits, and 40% off the Pennington field shovel.

As well as all this, the update also lists a spitoon full of new items for sale in the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. catalogue. Highlights include a racoon hat and some furry gloves. Sounds cosy. Not for the racoon, obviously. Perfect, though, if you’re looking for how to get involved in some Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay but not sure where to start. You can be ‘cowboy who hates racoons’ or ‘cowboy that loves racoons, but too much.’