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Red Dead Redemption PC may finally be real as Rockstar updates site

The long-awaited Red Dead Redemption PC release might finally be happening, as GTA 6 dev Rockstar drops a telling update on its site.

Red Dead Redemption PC: John Marston, a cowboy from Rockstar open-world game Red Dead Redemption

GTA 6 might be the most-anticipated game in the world right now. Meanwhile, we’re still having a blast in Grand Theft Auto 5, and reliving the terrific story and world of Red Dead Redemption 2. But despite all the studio’s fantastic work, there’s something more we’ve been wanting from Rockstar, and now it looks as if it could finally be happening. Based on a new update to the developer’s site, the almost mythical Red Dead Redemption PC release could be on its way.

The GTA 6 release date is coming, and naturally, that’s the Rockstar open-world game we’re all anticipating the most eagerly. But there’s one classic from the Grand Theft Auto 5 creator that has somehow never arrived on our beloved PCs. The original Red Dead Redemption from 2010 is still not on Steam, or any other platform. A groundbreaking Western adventure with one of the best endings in all triple-A games, RDR 1 deserves a relaunch. Now, based on a subtle but very, very telling Rockstar update, that could be about to happen.

As discovered by veteran Rockstar dataminer and content creator ‘TezFun2,’ and also seen and verified by PCGamesN, an update in the studio’s launcher site contains a very specific reference to Red Dead Redemption on PC. You can see the original post from TezFun2 below.

Red Dead Redemption PC port: A post from X from TezFun2 about a possible Red Dead Redemption PC release

Specifically, the source code for the launcher has been updated with some new verbiage, which says “Journey across the sprawling expanses of the American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, and its zombie-horror companion, Undead Nightmare, now playable on PC.”

This is by no means a confirmation – based on under-the-hood site updates, it previously seemed like Red Dead Redemption was coming to PC in 2023, when actually, it was just a relaunch for consoles. Nevertheless, it seems possible that an official announcement from Rockstar could arrive soon. Here’s hoping.

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