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Where to find the Redfall Ferry Key

Dropped in the deep end, you’ll have to find the Redfall Ferry Key in order to escape the pretty dire situation you find yourself in.

A woman with large frizzy hair played with two shotgun shells, levitating them with mind powers.

Looking for the Redfall Ferry Key? You wake up in the control room of a ferry, groggy and badly hurt. It’s still daylight outside so you know you’ve got a small amount of time before the real nasties show their face. To get off the beached ship, you’ll have to find the Ferry Key, and fast.

Redfall lets you tackle the vampire hordes your way, whether that be a solo, stealthy approach, or with a few of your best chums, blasting anything that moves. This early mission in the co-op game, however, sees you alone and vulnerable, scouring for the one item that’ll save you. Here’s how to get the Redfall Ferry Key.

A series of beach sea vessels, and a semi-blocked sun.

Redfall Ferry Key location

The control room of the ferry is the first thing that greets you as you hurtle back into consciousness. Your first port of call is to grab some medical supplies to patch up your injuries. Pick up the snacks from the table on the right and head down the stairs.

Behind the counter in the big room is a medical cabinet; grab what you can from there, healing yourself in the process. Once you’re fighting fit again, head down the next set of stairs into the parking area of the ferry. Crouch down to get through the rear shutter and make your way around the outside of the hull.

Head back into the depth of the ferry using the door ahead. You’ll find yourself in another parking area, painted with blood and littered with bodies. The green car on the left side of the room has a handgun on the driver’s seat, pick that up and go up the stairs on your right.

You’ll reach a barricaded door. Interact with the barricade to clear the way and you’ll end up back in the room where you picked up the medical supplies. Approach the windows on the far side of this room, and use the handgun to smash the glass, allowing you to climb outside.

A person with a hangun grabs at a key hanging from a dead body.

Jump down to the lower levels of the ferry using the hatch located just outside the windows. In this small room, you’ll find the Ferry Key hanging from a body right above the locked door. Pick up the Ferry Key, head back upstairs, and unlock the main door.

Now that you know how to find the Redfall Ferry Key, it’s time to get out there and stake your claim on the quaint tourist town. If you’re just getting into the FPS game, we have a guide on who is the best Redfall character, and the best Redfall weapons. As always, the best PC games guide is there if you’re looking for something a little less… bitey.