Who is the best Redfall character?

Pick the best Redfall character for your playstyle using our handy guide that weighs up their pros and cons in both single-player and multiplayer.

The best Redfall character, Remi, sitting down next to a robot.

Who is the best Redfall character to play as? One of the hardest parts in any game is picking the character you want to take with you through your adventure. Picking the best Redfall character for your playstyle is easier said than done, though, as you can’t change them once you make your choice. This guide is going to break down all of Redfall’s characters and explain why you should pick them and what playstyle is best suited to each.

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Best Redfall character

The best Redfall character is Remi due to her strong abilities, healing field, Siren power, and advaced mobility using C4. Outside of abilities and skills, the Redfall characters are interchangeable. They can use all of the game’s weapons in the same way, move at the same speed, and have the same general capabilities. No matter which character you pick, they’re all useful in their own way. But you also need to pick based on if you’re mainly going to be playing solo or with friends. If you’re by yourself, some choices are undoubtedly better than others.

Each character has three abilities. Two of these are activated on a short cooldown and can be used regularly while playing. These are the most important abilities to pay attention to when picking your Redfall character. They unlock at levels two and three respectively, so you don’t have to wait long at all before you can see what a character is all about. The third ability, however, is a super that uses blue energy dropped by enemies, so you’ll only be using it occasionally.

Best Redfall character: Remi's bio featuring info on her abilities.


The best Redfall character for solo play in particular is Remi. Remi’s first ability is C4 Charge, where she throws an explosive that can stick to surfaces and enemies. The damage and radius can be upgraded, but C4 can also launch players upward, which gives Remi a bit more mobility. But her next ability, Siren, is what makes her the best Redfall character for solo players. This summons a self-made robot that will draw enemy aggro. When Siren is active, enemies will often ignore both Remi and other players. It’s great for allowing you to easily take out distracted foes, but also distract dangerous enemies for a quick getaway. Her super, Mobilize, creates a healing field, which can come in handy from time to time, but medpacks are still easy to come by. It can absolutely turn the tide in solo and co-op play if you’re at death’s door, but it’s highly situational.

Best Redfall character: Jacob's bio featuring info on his abilities.


Jacob is useful both solo and in co-op, but solo players might find him a bit lacking in the damage department outside of his super. Jacob’s two main abilities include Raven, which sends a raven out to mark enemies, and Cloak, which provides temporary cloaking powers. Marking enemies is very helpful for knowing where foes are, but this one is more useful in co-op. Cloaking, on the other hand, is fantastic in solo mode, as it allows you to sneak past foes with relative ease. Jacob’s super gives him a ghostly rifle that locks onto foes to do a lot of damage, so it’s the best super in the game solely for dealing damage.

Best Redfall character: Layla's bio featuring info on her abilities.


Due to her abilities, Layla is a very mobile and fairly safe pick. Her first ability is Lift, which allows her to summon an interactable that launches her and her teammates into the air. It’s great for jumping up to places that Jacob might have trouble getting to. Her next ability, Umbrella, calls forth an umbrella that blocks both enemy and friendly projectiles, so it’s terrific when it comes to protecting the team from damage. Her super summons her vampire ex-boyfriend to attack foes. Layla’s mobility and damage mitigation make her a solid choice for playing solo, but she’s still outmatched by Remi in single-player.

Best Redfall character: Devinder's bio featuring info on his abilities.


Dev’s first ability is Arc Javelin, and it lets him throw an electric javelin that shocks anything in range for a time. It’s useful for crowd control and can be upgraded to deliver a large amount of damage. Then there’s Translocate, where he throws a teleportation device and can travel to it and back. You can use this to get higher up or mitigate fall damage. Even better, this can be upgraded to heal whoever uses it for a bit, which greatly increases Dev’s solo survivability. His super is Blacklight, which plants a blacklight that stuns human enemies and petrifies vampires for a set time in a radius around itself. It’s one of the most useful supers in the game, especially since it can briefly take most vampires out of commission. We’ve got a full Devinder build guide if you want to know more.

And now you likely have a good idea of the best Redfall character for you. Whether you’re playing with friends or by yourself, you’ll be just fine as long as you pick carefully. You wouldn’t want to start the FPS game four times over, after all.