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Rematch: Capture the Flag returning to Titanfall matchmaking

Titanfall CTF

Last week, Respawn removed the Capture the Flag mode from the matchmaking list in Titanfall. The developer stated that not enough players were queueing for the mode, and this led to extremely long waits in matchmaking. 

“The reality is that less than 1% of the player base was even trying to play CTF, let alone actually able to get in to a game,” said Respawn. “With that few players attempting to connect, our matchmaking would just sit there, spinning forever, waiting to find a game to play.“

After some improvements to the matchmaking system, however, it’s returning

“[W]e’re introducing a test of even wider region searches,” Respawn announced. “If you’re searching for 5 minutes without starting a game, Stryder will eventually widen your search to include neighboring continents. This means you might end up in a game with a much higher ping than you’re used to, but as players pointed out; playing is preferred to not playing at all!”

On top of this, Respawn is working on other features to expand the feedback and control of the matchmaking process. Connecting players will not be shown as connecting, so it no longer looks like a match is going to be empty when others have yet to finish connecting. Team rebalancing is also going to take place in the lobby to avoid the lopsided matches that have been cropping up at an alarming rate.

Looking forward, Respawn has plans for more modes, as well. “Beyond this, we’re working on new game modes, riffs on existing game modes, Hashtag matchmaking, and more. We plan to keep the playlist selection of Titanfall fresh and fun, with engaging new ways to play and switch-ups to old favorites.