Leto’s Lab is live in Remnant: From the Ashes – here’s how to get Leto’s Armor

Remnant's getting more free updates post-launch

September 19, 2019 Remnant: From the Ashes’ new dungeon is live.

The next big free update for Remnant: From the Ashes is here, marking the launch of new dungeon with Leto’s Lab. Following up on adventure mode, this similarly gratis DLC lets you explore Research Station Alpha for the sheer pleasure of puzzle and combat, or to get some insight into the world’s backstory, but let’s be honest – you’re here for the chunky new armour set.

Leto’s Lab will dynamically spawn on Earth, and will mix the usual combat challenges with some light puzzles to solve, all culminating in a brand-new boss fight against the Riphide. You’ll get a displacement crystal from that fight which you can use to craft a flicker cloak mod.

Leto’s armour set has a chunky look, and it’ll help you tank up the damage. Stats – which you can see on Reddit – show that it’ll offer stagger resist bonuses with all three pieces equipped, but you’ll get none of that benefit unless you’re all Leto’d up. No one piece or two piece bonuses here.

Where is Leto’s armor?

Inside Leto’s Lab, you’ll find a room with a teleporter and a nearby computer terminal. At the terminal, you’ll need to set Leto’s algorithm to ‘disabled.’ From there, just keep entering the teleporter. As noted on Reddit, the machine will send you to random locations, but eventually you’ll wind up in a room filled with corpses. Leto’s Armor will be nearby.

Check out the trailer above, or get more details on the smaller parts of today’s update in the full patch notes.

Gunfire has noted plans for a “solid stream” of post-launch content, and that includes the option to re-roll Corsus for adventure mode. You can get a bit more detail on the official site.

As Steam Charts shows, Remnant has kept up some pretty impressive player counts for a relatively low-key release – hopefully these continued updates will help keep that success going.