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New Steam strategy game is like Command and Conquer with dinosaurs

Command and Conquer, Frostpunk, and Dino Crisis all combine for an upcoming Steam strategy game with a classic RTS and survival flavor.

Repterra new Steam strategy game: Dinosaurs attack a base in Steam strategy game Repterra

Command and Conquer is an RTS and strategy game with basically everything you could ever want. Tiberian Dawn created those crisp, drag-and-drop mechanics. Red Alert had the stylish FMVs and built-out story. But like Frostpunk, Age of Empires, and upcoming releases like Manor Lords, classic C&C lacks one thing: dinosaurs. How about an RTS with all the visual charm and nostalgic gameplay of Westwood’s ‘90s classic, but instead of the NOD or the GDI, you’re defending your base from wave after wave of dinosaur attacks? On its way to Steam, a visionary new strategy game promises precisely that.

Repterra looks and feels like a strategy game strictly in the vein of Command and Conquer. Crisp, pixel-style graphics, a familiar isometric view, and obedient units marching to your every order. Collect resources, build a base, and slowly amass a military. Squint, and you could be playing Kane’s Wrath or Yuri’s Revenge. But then you hear a low rumbling. The cup of water on your dashboard starts to ripple. That blood-sucking lawyer starts to wonder whether it was smart to hide in the toilet. Coincidentally, the original Command and Conquer did include some dinosaurs, thanks to the secret Funpark missions added with the Covert Operations pack. But this is bigger. Much bigger.

Dinosaurs. Thousands upon thousands of dinosaurs. The world of Repterra has been more or less reclaimed by the triassic terrors, and you need to hold them off, best you can, while also protecting and improving your base. The job here is to survive.

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Research technology, expand your living quarters, and keep everyone alive while thousands – literally hundreds of thousands of dinosaurs, on screen, at any time – try to mob you. There’s an open-ended survival mode and a story-driven campaign on the way. Imagine Frostpunk, but instead of harsh weather and dwindling supplies, you’re up against a teeming mass of velociraptors.

We’re still waiting on a release date for Repterra, but a private beta is on the way in the “coming months.” If you want to sign up, you can do so right here.

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