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Resident Evil 2 remake is third-person, just like RE4

resident evil 2 remake third-person

The long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake made a stunning (and grisly) debut at Sony’s E3 press conference, though the reveal may have provided a few more questions than answer. It looked fantastic, but how does it play? And, importantly, what perspective is it played in?

Turns out that the new RE2 plays a lot like RE4, with a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective. You zoom in and aim to fire, but this doesn’t lock Leon’s feet in place – you can still move around and reposition yourself while aiming, although you won’t move nearly as fast while your weapon is drawn.

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The remake is built in the Resident Evil 7 engine, and certain elements – from the HUD design to the impressive lighting effects – look very similar to that game, though now viewed from third-person. While it’s obviously not the fixed-perspective tank controls of classic RE, dropping the first-person viewpoint should make this one seem a bit more familiar to series veterans.

You can watch that reveal trailer again below, or check out Capcom’s Twitch channel for a fairly in-depth gameplay demo (starting at roughly 25:00), showcasing weapons, dismemberment, and much more.

We got some hands-on gameplay with a similar demo, and the game looks and feels excellent – though you’ll now need to stomach two decades of graphical advancement in displaying those classic “scenes of explicit violence and gore.” (It might still be worth it.)