Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters location

Looking for the bolt cutters in Resident Evil 3, here's exactly where to find them


Struggling to locate the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters? Whether you’re fresh to the way Resident Evil games work or you’ve been here a dozen times already and are just stuck, finding key items that unlock new areas isn’t always that easy.

As you wander through the zombie-infested streets of Downtown Raccoon City you’ll come across a number of stores, buildings, and doors that are chained shut. These obviously require some bolt cutters, but where do you find those in the maze of burning buildings and crashed cars that the city has turned into?

Once you’ve got these you should be able to grab the M3 Shotgun from the Kite Bros. Railway Building. The first thing to point out is that you’ll need to get the fire hose before you can get the bolt cutters, so make sure you head to the Subway Control Room building where you’ll find the fire hose in a corridor not far from the entrance. One you have this you’re all set to grab those bolt cutters.

Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters location

The bolt cutters in Resident Evil 3 are found in the garage, which is left around the alleyway that is on fire. You’ll need to grab the fire hose from Subway Control Room first and use it with the fire hydrant to clear the path, then you just follow the alleyway into the building up ahead.


In case you’re not sure which alleyway we’re referring to, it’s in the area with the donut shop at the bottom of a stairway. Go up the stairway and across the street and you should find it.