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One of the best Resident Evil games is 25% off in Steam sale

The Resident Evil 4 remake is discounted on Steam, so if you're ready to get your hands dirty, now's the time to try the horror game on PC.

Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil

There’s something incredible about experiencing one of your favorite games from the past with better graphics, smoother gameplay, and more immersion. For that reason, and many more, we’re compelled to tell you that Capcom’s 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake is currently 25% off on Steam.

Although RE2’s remake still might take the cake for us, the Resident Evil 4 remake is one of the best horror games of recent years. It took the scares, mysterious story, chilly atmosphere, and exciting supporting characters from the original and turned them up to 11, without sacrificing the core experience that made us fall in love in the first place back in 2005.

Initially released in March 2023, the remake is 25% off, bringing the $39.99 price down to $29.99. It’s not the cheapest game on Steam, but considering it’s just a year old and of high quality, it’s still a deal to take note of if you’re not in the habit of patient gaming. You can pick it up on Steam here. You might also notice that the 2005 original is 75% off — dealer’s choice.

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RE4 had a tough job, and a lot to live up to, but it mostly staved off some of the common gripes about the Resident Evil 3 remake. 2023’s game created a much more satisfying combat experience and scared us half to hell. Our only real complaint was that Ashley was still decoration.

In PCGamesN’s 8/10 Resident Evil 4 Remake review, we say it “improves on the visuals, mechanics, and moment-to-moment experience of one of the best games ever made, but the source material casts an inescapable shadow, both in its renown and its treatment of its leading woman.”

If you’re more into the old games, you can always revisit those. Most of them are remasters, not remakes, if that’s more your thing. We’ve also got a list of the best survival games if you need a break from the T-virus.

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