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Capcom want to re-release more ‘popular older games’ as HD remasters

Resident Evil HD

Apparently lots of people bought the Resident Evil HD remaster this year. It’s got Capcom a-thinking about what other HD remasters they could start working on. In a presentation discussing the company’s latest financial results, it was announced that by March 2016 Capcom plans to have more HD remasters of their popular games released.

The plan, described as looking to "utilize existing intellectual property, such as by selling HD remastered versions of popular older games" during the current fiscal years, would certainly include Devil May Cry 4, which the company has already announced that a HD remaster of will be coming to PC.   

Word of the rumour mill suggests another could be Resident Evil Zero, which was previously only released on Gamecube. 

But, if you were head of the table at this Capcom meeting, what 'popular older games' would you be putting forward for the HD makeover treatment? 

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Tovias avatarunwanted avatarEliv avatarsubedii avatarOcid avatar
Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

I hope Dragon's Dogma is considered old now

Eliv Avatar
2 Years ago

It would be pretty awesome if they brought Okami HD to pc, but I doubt it will happen (Capcom gonna Capcom)

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

Can't wait for Mega Man 2 HD Remaster and no other game because Capcom. Can I get some recent Capcom games? Onimusha please since I'm asking.

subedii Avatar
2 Years ago

Given that the creator of Mega Man had to jump ship and go to kickstarter (probably the only notable Japanese dev that I can think of that did this) in order to make his "NotMega Man" game, I suspect Capcom might not even go that far.

Ocid Avatar
2 Years ago

Resident Evil 2. Get Hype!