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New Resident Evil movie Death Island actually looks quite good

With Resident Evil 4 Remake making headway on Steam, the new Resident Evil movie Death Island gets its first trailer, uniting Leon Kennedy with Jill Valentine.

New Resident Evil movie Death Island actually looks quite good: A woman in a blue tanktop, Jill Valentine from Capcom horror game series Resident Evil, holds a pistol

It’s a pretty good time to be an RE fan. Resident Evil 4 Remake is a certified hit, and one of the best horror games in years. Meanwhile, Resident Evil Death Island, the new movie featuring Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris, and Claire Redfield, now has a full-length trailer, and it looks, genuinely, pretty good. That’s not to say that other Resident Evil movies have all been bad – Welcome to Raccoon City remains hugely underrated – but combining Michael Bay’s The Rock with T-virus zombies and the classic RE cast makes Death Island seem like it could be good fun.

So, here’s the premise. Several years after the events of Resident Evil 5, Jill and Chris have teamed up with Claire, Leon, and Rebecca Chambers to investigate a slew of recent T-virus infections around the world. After a little probing, the group discovers that all the victims recently paid a visit to Alcatraz Island, site of the infamous United States prison, and best-known to movie lovers as home to Nicolas Cage’s fragile, green, poison balls.

Disguised as tourists (look upon Chris Redfield’s holiday shirt, ye mortals, and despair) the team infiltrates Alcatraz only for events to turn very Resident Evil very quickly. I’m talking mutant sharks. I’m talking glib one-liners. I’m talking all the hits, all the big ones, including the first on-screen pairing for Leon and Jill. Check it out below:

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The history of Resident Evil movies and TV shows is generally a dark, disappointing one – from the live-action RE oeuvre, the only things that stand out are Welcome to Raccoon City, which is good, I swear, and that bit from Resident Evil 1 in the laser beam hallway.

Other than that, the CGI films have largely been much better, and Death Island looks to continue that trend. The new Resident Evil movie is scheduled to release in Japanese cinemas on July 7, and will likely be available via streaming shortly afterwards.

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