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Resident Evil 7’s Windows Store version comes with a free Xbox One copy via Play Anywhere

Resident Evil 7 system requirements

Resident Evil VII is an Xbox One and PC Play Anywhere title, Microsoft have announced. That means, if you buy it on PC or Xbox One, you will get a free code to download and play on the other machine. 

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There are some caveats to this deal, however. You have to purchase the game through the Windows Store if you want the Xbox One code. Likewise, if you buy on Xbox One, you will get a Windows Store code.

Oh, and you have to be using Windows 10.

Assuming it works like other Play Anywhere titles, your progress will carry between the two versions, so you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

The last third-party game to get the Play Anywhere treatment was Ark: Survival Evolved.

Phil Spencer previously stated that Microsoft planned to bring more third-party games to Play Anywhere, but Capcom’s upcoming horror game is definitely a big catch.

Hopefully this bodes well for the future.