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Resident Evil 9 will not focus on Ethan or Rose Winters, says Capcom

The highly anticipated Resident Evil 9, or whatever it will be called, won't focus on the Winters family like the previous two games according to Capcom

Resident Evil 9 will not focus on Ethan or Rose Winters, says Capcom: Rose Winters up close in the Resident Evil Village DLC

It looks like Resident Evil 9 will take Capcom’s iconic and everlasting horror game series in a new direction, as the developer has confirmed that the upcoming Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC will conclude the storyline of the Winters family.

While we all wait for the eventual reveal of Resident Evil 9, we can at least move forward knowing that the Winters family will no longer be the focus of the series, as they were with both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.

The reveal comes from Capcom’s Kento Kinoshita, who told IGN that the developer is “creating the Shadows of Rose story to conclude the Winters family saga,” which sounds an awful lot like an end to these characters being the series’ main players.

Producer Masachika Kawata then added that they could “absolutely not” share what’s in store for the games going forward – apart from next year’s Resident Evil 4 remake, little is known about Resident Evil’s future direction.

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The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village is set for release on October 28, and it’ll take place 16 years after the events of the game. Without spoiling any of the original game’s plot details, that’s a significant time jump that could yield some incredible stories, so it’ll be interesting to see if Capcom fills that gap for Resident Evil 9, or does something else entirely.

In the same interview Kawata also talked about the upcoming third person mode for Resident Evil Village, saying “that took about as much effort as creating a new game. Even the same game can be a very different experience when played in third-person.”

To get the new mode working in the game, Capcom needed to transplant the wide variety of player actions like crouching and blocking, which made it a significant challenge.

If you’re excited for Resident Evil 9 and want to dive back into Village, or try it for the first time, we have an in-depth Resident Evil Village bosses guide for you to check out. A Resident Evil Village update added accessibility options earlier in the year as well, helping more players get acquainted with the goofy horror within.