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Capcom’s first ever Resident Evil remake is 75% off on Steam

Have you missed out on the zombie and monster-heavy horror of Spencer Mansion? Here's your chance to catch up with 75% off the HD Resident Evil remake.

Get one of the most important horror games for less than $5 - Barry and Jill looking towards the camera in Resident Evil remake

Before we had Leon and stalker Mr X, before Nemesis started wearing bin bags, Capcom remade the very first Resident Evil. And now, thanks to Capcom’s Halloween Steam sale, you can get the HD remaster of the Resident Evil remake for a ridiculous 75% off.

The original Resident Evil, Capcom’s famous survival horror game, had and still has its wonky charm. Phrases like “the master of unlocking” and “you were almost a Jill Sandwich” will live on in infamy.

But, given the choice, I’d sooner play the 2015 HD remaster of Resident Evil’s Gamecube remake. There’s actual good voice acting, menacing ‘Crimson Head’ super-zombies, and more mutated nightmares than you can shake Albert Wesker’s sunglasses at.

Now, thanks to Capcom’s spooky season Steam sale, you can get this survival horror gem for just $4.99 / £3.99. If you’ve never experienced the horrors of Resident Evil, now’s your chance. And if you have, why not step back into Spencer Mansion?

Resident Evil was a revolution in survival horror and, while it owes its existence to the original Alone in the Dark, the games went on to eclipse that series.

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This, the first game in the series (or, technically, the remake of it) has you, as either Jill or Chris Redfield, exploring a mansion in an effort to solve some disturbing killings where the victims have been partly eaten. What could possibly go wrong?

Pretty soon you’re knee-deep in the dead. Then, just when you think you’re handling the zombies, that’s when it introduces the other monsters. You’ll rather quickly realise you should have been saving more bullets.

It’s surprising that Capcom hasn’t already announced a second remake of this game but it still looks great. Fixed camera angles might not be to everyone’s taste but not knowing what’s coming adds that extra note of terror. Resident Evil is available now on Steam, priced at $4.99 / £3.99 (the sale runs until Tuesday November 7).

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