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The Resident Evil series is being review bombed over DRM allegations

The Resident Evil series, as well as Capcom games including Street Fighter and Monster Hunter, are review bombed on Steam amid DRM concerns.

Resident Evil series review bombed Steam: Chris Redfield from Capcom horror game Resident Evil 5

Several Resident Evil games, including Resident Evil 5, RE6, and the remake of the 1996 original, are being review bombed on Steam amid controversy regarding Capcom’s use of DRM (digital rights management) software. Other Capcom games, such as Street Fighter 5 and Monster Hunter Rise, have also been review bombed, as the developer ostensibly deploys Enigma – a third-party DRM solution – via a recent Monster Hunter update. It was previously alleged that Capcom had also added Enigma to Resident Evil Revelations and that its addition was the cause of performance problems in the horror shooter. This claim was disputed, however, by a prominent Resident Evil mod creator.

Steam user reviews for a variety of games across the Resident Evil series make mention of DRM and criticize Capcom for a recent Monster Hunter Rise update, which removed Denuvo – another third-party DRM software – and replaced it with Enigma. Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and both games from the spin-off horror game series Resident Evil Revelations now have ratings of either ‘mixed’ or ‘overwhelmingly negative’ based on recent player feedback.

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“While I am not a fan of review bombing a company, and do love this game, I feel I have to at this time,” one review for the remake of the original Resident Evil explains. “You choose Enigma, I choose dislike,” another says.

Street Fighter 5’s rating based on recent reviews is also down to ‘mixed’ while Monster Hunter Rise is rated ‘mostly negative.’ While game files seem to show that Enigma has been added to Monster Hunter Rise, one Resident Evil modder has argued that the DRM software is unrelated to performance issues in RE Revelations.

Resident Evil series Steam review bomb: A comparison of Resident Evil and Monster Hunter Steam reviews

Resident Evil 7, RE Village, and the remakes of Resident Evils 2, 3, and 4 still have ‘positive’ recent Steam ratings, though some reviews mentioning DRM have appeared on their store pages. PCGamesN has previously contacted Capcom regarding Enigma DRM and will update this story with any comment.

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