Return to Monkey Island reviews stun Lucasfilm Games

The Return to Monkey Island reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, stunning the developers over at Lucasfilm and propelling the adventure game to stardom

Return to Monkey Island reviews stun Lucasfilm Games: A cartoon zombie wearing a pirate outft stands with another in a deckhand's outfit in a forest

The Return to Monkey Island reviews have largely been outstanding, praising the developers at Lucasfilm for reinvigorating the classic adventure game. As fans everywhere dive back into the point and click pirate-themed universe, the devs have taken a moment to reflect on just how successful the game has been.

If you’re one of my fellow 90s kids, you’ll remember The Secret of Monkey Island and, of course, the sequel LeChuck’s Revenge. I have so many fond memories trying to win Elaine’s heart while taking down the game’s undead antagonist; in fact, I credit Monkey Island for my adulthood obsession with zombie movies.

When Return to Monkey Island was announced members of Gen Y from across the globe rejoiced, eager to converge on the mysterious Caribbean island and relive their childhoods. With positive reviews flooding in despite concerns over the game’s new art style, Lucasfilm Games’ executive producer Craig Derrick has thanked fans for their love and loyalty.

Return to Monkey Island reviews shock Lucasfilm Games: A 2D cartoon of a white swashbuckler with blond hair fencing a black female pirate inside a ship

In a September 20 tweet, he writes “I’m overwhelmed by the response to Return to Monkey Island,” attaching a screenshot of the game’s numerous different accolades.

“14 years ago, I devised a plan to revive the Monkey Island franchise with the Special Editions and remaster our back-catalogue library. However, everyone knows that the real goal was to get Ron & the band back together to make this game. I couldn’t be happier that we’re finally here, and by the response from the fans and the critics, they seem to agree.”

Referring to the project as “truly a dream gig,” he concludes “Congratulations to Ron, Dave, and the teams at Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital, and Lucasfilm Games for creating a true masterpiece of its genre that I’m sure will be played, discussed, critiqued, and studied for years.”

To see one of my favourite childhood games reimagined for a modern day audience brings a smile to my face. I hope the game brings as much joy to new players as it did me and millions of other 90s kids – and maybe there’s room for another instalment, who knows?

If you’re to dive into Lucasfilm Games and Devolver’s Caribbean adventure, be sure to check out the Return to Monkey Island system requirements – you don’t even need a graphics card to run it! Also, for those who’ve earned their sea legs you can also have a gander at our list of the best pirate games on PC; trust me when I say there’s some real treasure there, matey.