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Rico blends Superhot with your ’80s buddy cop fantasy


If you’re a fan of ‘80s action movies about loose-cannon cops, you may be feeling lucky (punk), because Rico has just been announced. Inspired by movies such as Bad Boys and games like Virtua Cop, Rico aims to blend the buddy-cop aesthetic with the punchy, time-manipulating shooting of games like Superhot and F.E.A.R.

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You and your partner are given 24 hours to “solve a case,” but this isn’t L.A. Noire. Judging from the trailer, solving cases in Rico mainly involves kicking down doors and shooting gangs of crooks dead, which is a solution of a kind, we suppose. Breaching rooms will slow down time, àla COD: Modern Warfare 2. Fortunately, door hinges in Rico’s world seem very feeble.

You can play solo or cooperatively, either online or via local split screen. For arcade fans, there will be a ‘daily play’ mode with online leaderboards. Every case, objective, and environment is procedurally generated, ensuring each playthrough is unique. Developers Ground Shatter aim to keep you invested with a range of unlockable weapons, traits, enemies, and environments.

Rico will be Ground Shatter’s second game, after the (also arcadey) four-player platformer, SkyScrappers.

You can learn more about Rico on Steamor on its website.It’s due for release sometime this summer.