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Ridiculous Saints Row 4 footage comes packaged with straight-talking commentary


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

As we can testify, Saints Row 4 is a little bit funny. A quick look at any videos and screenshots pretty much reveals that this is a game that is pretty much built around being a laugh to play. We just wish Volition’s senior producer Jim Boone sounded like he was having fun in his commentary in this E3 demo video. 

In the video, Jim gives insight into the changes to Saints Row that gives the fourth installment a very different flavour. From those guys from The Fifth Element (albeit with British accents) invading ‘Murica to charging down a highway at super speeds whilst kicking cars out your way, Jim introduces each new concept with all the enthusiasm of a man stirring a cold mug of tea, just minutes after burying his dead guinea pig. Cheer up Jim, your game looks great!

Alongside aliens to shoot and superpowers to bash them with, Saints Row 4 will introduce new mini-game activities to busy yourself with, one being another of Professor Genki’s bizarre game shows called ‘Mind over Murder’, which requires you to kill people by telekinetically throwing them through hoops.

Saints Row 4 is out in August, so you’ve only got mere weeks to wait until you can cause havoc in Steelport once again.

Thanks, VG247