Rift: Storm Legion pre-orders now open, accompanied by magnifi-malevolent new trailer


“I’VE SLEPT TOO LONG,” opines the ginormous demon in the new trailer for Rift expansion Storm Legion. I hear you. Lord knows, it can be a tough balance – less than five hours unconsciousness a night and I’m comatose, more than nine and my limbs move at half-speed. “HATE. FUELLED. POWER,” he continues. Still struggling to find points of reference for that one.

So, yes – pre-orders for Rift’s new expansion are now open, incentivised by an exclusive cape and early access to a dungeon where the luminous mushrooms are barely dry: Exodus of the Storm Queen.

You can also get Storm Legion for free with a year’s subscription, which might be the option for you if long-term commitment was already on the cards. Storm Legion’s still some way off, mind, launching on November 13th. It brings with it two new continents and a new stronghold for both Guardians and Defiant, Tempest Bay.

Riftians – are you about ready for ginormous demons?