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Futuristic Diablo style roguelike kicks off free Steam playtest soon

Riftstorm is a multiplayer roguelike shooter drawing inspiration from Diablo 4, Last Epoch, and Helldivers, and a public test starts soon.

Riftstorm - A person wearing a futuristic visor with blonde hair in a ponytail is backed by two other figures in colorful gear.

A tantalizing mix of futuristic multiplayer shooter, ARPG, and roguelike games, Riftstorm is preparing to launch a public pre-alpha playtest soon. A dabbling of Diablo 4, a little Last Epoch and Lost Ark, a heaping of Helldivers (the first one), and maybe even a drop of Destiny and The Division – this is a loot-driven, frantic co-op action game that’s caught my eye, and you’ll be able to give it a shot for free on Steam very soon, so get your name in the hat now.

Riftstorm draws from all manner of inspirations, starting with that top-down perspective that will be instantly familiar to Diablo enjoyers – although, with its sci-fi shooter spin, it actually gives me heavy flashbacks to my many hours spent with the original Helldivers as well. This co-op roguelike game will keep you on your toes, making smart use of movement and abilities to dodge out of the way of deadly enemy attacks.

As a long-time FF14 fan and ARPG player, ‘move out of the danger zone’ is a mechanic I’ll always enjoy, and there’s plenty of that on show here. With no shortage of enemies scattered through its environments, you’ll need to really pick your safe spots. Fortunately, you can bring up to two additional friends with you in co-op as you grab all manner of weapon types and face off against deadly mythics – described as a terrifying blend of “cosmic horror meets military occultism.”

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This playtest will introduce two new playable operatives to choose from, another mythic enemy type, ten additional weapons to help you hold off the hordes, and three more threat levels, allowing you to attempt increasingly difficult missions if you think you’re up to the task.

The second Riftstorm pre-alpha playtest begins Friday March 8. If you want to be part of the action, you can head over to the game’s Steam store page right now to request access and you’ll be notified when developer Mythic Protocol is ready for you to join.

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