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Chinese pirate group 3DM claim to have cracked the latest Denuvo software, days after entering self-imposed hiatus

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Videogame piracy has been experiencing choppy waters these past few weeks and it's been difficult to keep track of its course. 

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Chinese pirate group 3DM - an outfit considered to be the frontrunners of cracking Denuvo anti-tamper software - recently pledged to halt their operations for a year, instead focusing on localisation, to see how it affects legitimate videogame sales. This announcement has since led to speculation that Denuvo was proving too difficult for 3DM to crack, prompting 3DM to find an excuse and back out of piracy gracefully. 

In a bid to disprove the rumours, 3DM have just announced they're on the verge of cracking the latest Denuvo, meaning Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3 and FIFA 16 could be on their way to torrent sites. 

“3DM will soon announce that we have a solution to the latest Denuvo encryption used on games including ‘FIFA 16’, ‘Just Cause 3’, and ‘Tomb Raider: The Rise’,” 3DM leader Bird Sister just announced, via TorrentFreak. “We [made this announcement] because a lot of players believe we have abandoned cracking due to technical problems, but we will prove it is not the case. We have not yet been stumped [by protection measures].”

How these will be distributed exactly isn't clear at the moment, but Bird Sister concludes with: “Of course, this will not be a high-profile or official 3DM release.” 

We recently spoke to Denuvo about their anti-piracy protection, which they openly admit isn't uncrackable, saying "we do not position our Anti-Tamper solution as uncrackable, only hard to crack." The aim is to give publishers and developers some breathing room, so there isn't a pirated version of games available during their first few crucial days on sale, when legitimate sales are at their highest. 

The breathing room enjoyed by Rise of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 3 has been particularly lengthy but, if 3DM's recent comments have substance, it might not be long now.

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MaliceAlyce avatar*sigh* avatarKeefBaker avatarbrainsgonedead avatar
MaliceAlyce Avatar
2 Years ago

Don't say that now, I just submitted a story about this -_-'

*sigh* Avatar
2 Years ago

Is 3 days just announced? ;)

Seems more like what ever Denuvo is talking to has been fooled. Than Denuvo itself. Or its a fiddling with steam. Limited activation's per day. It doesnt sound like it will be a release for the masses anyway.

KeefBaker Avatar
2 Years ago

"I bet you can't wipe your bum with a rusty spike!"

"I don't wanna!"

"You scared?"


"Go on then!"

*wipes arse with rusty spike*

brainsgonedead Avatar
2 Years ago

Total ball! Sales of Just Cause 3 aren't great and the same for TR. I brought TR as I couldn't be arsed to wait for 3DM who I rely on alot. I hate DRM as it broke my PC once so would any game company out there replace my PC? No! So I have relied on no cd hacks as they were once known to bypass the DRM. Films cost millions and cost little on blu ray, games cost thousands maybe a million but £40 for a game that lasts about 10 - 15 hrs is a joke! I grew up in the days of ZX Spectrum where gamed were small but had playabiity and lastability as retro gaming is still a major thing today. Unless servers run forever games like COD and Star Wars Battlefront will not last more than 5 years if that. So if you lot feel its wrong to pirate and you wanna support the companies that make these games why not buy shares or a seat on the board? Or sponsor them so the prices go down? No? Thought so, I hate people who claim to bw dogooders but I bet there's not one person out there who hasn't downloaded a film or mp3 via torrent or even streamed a film online via putlocker etc. I have to laugh at all the idiots if this world as piracy is everything! Even if you watch the telly without paying for it you are still in breach of the law. Morons!

Game companies if the games were a reasonable price say about £20 I would be happy to pay for a game that only last 5 minutes. My best game Exolon cost me £9.95 about 25 years ago and it still plays well and I enjoy it. I've rarely played a PC game more than twice and thought boring!

But hey ho you immoral twats out there can carry on believing the gaming market is struggling coz of piracy, the whole world is struggling but mainly because of inflation and people not following the law!

Have a nice day :-)