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Rise of the Tomb Raider footage finds Lara climbing, falling, sliding in pursuit of lost city

Rise of the Tomb Raider: serious business.

Microsoft’s E3 conference has come around to new footage from Rise of the Tomb Raider, which we’re told is due Holiday 2015 – though we know already that it’ll have to be Xbox exclusive for a bit before it’s allowed to come to PC.

Lara’s journey begins with a flare lit in an icy cavern, as all the best holidays do. She’s now voluntarily tomb raiding, chasing after a lost city that, seen in occasional flashes, looks colourful and rich. But there’s a catch: there’ll be bears there too.

To get to this Siberian city which may promise immortality (but for the purposes of future game balance, presumably doesn’t), Lara needs to engage in ice-pick climbing that looks more gruelling and painful than that you’d find in an Uncharted, say.

A sudden landslide provides an excuse for some lovely, fluffy snowstorm effects, as well as a couple of QTEs.

Brief footage from other parts of the game sees Lara driven by a certainty that she’s found what she wants to do with her life – fall off things, slide down things and, we expect, dig ice picks into the chests of fellow tomb raiders.

Lastly, we’re implored to ‘discover the legend within’. Do you think you might, once the next Tomb Raider arrives on our fair platform?