Rise of the Tomb Raider patch #2 fixes issues and improves GPU-bound performance

Tomb Raider

While its last patch somehow made it even more pretty, Rise of the Tomb Raider’s patch #2 is all about fixing the niggling issues players have been reporting since release.

Remember when I said Rise of the Tomb Raider was pretty just now? It’s so much so, in fact, that it even made it onto our list of the best looking PC games.

One of the biggest fixes is the ability to ALT-TAB out of the game while it’s in Exclusive Fullscreen without it crashing. Excellent. Elsewhere, you can now alter the X and Y sensitivity of your mouse independently, which is about the most PC gaming thing that has ever happened.

There’s also now an option to reduce camera shake, if you’re so inclined. Outside of this – and a hilarious fix that stops the game altering your PC’s screensaver settings, whut? – it’s business as usual with your usual tweaks, bug fixes and optimisations. GPU-based issues should be improved mainly, but anything CPU-based will be unaffected.

Steam users can get the patch now, but Windows Store buyers have to wait a few days. Punishment for being digital videogame hipsters, I suppose. Check out the full patch notes on Steam.