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Risk of Rain 2 gets a massive anniversary update, and a giant number of returning players

Risk of Rain 2 players are coming back in droves for the anniversary update

Risk of Rain 2 officially entered Early Access in March 2019, and while the game went 1.0 back in August 2020, it seems the devs aren’t entirely through with their take on roguelike games. Risk of Rain 2 has just received a massive anniversary update with a new playable character, new enemies, and a complete rework to the final stage, and players are flocking back to it en masse.

Risk of Rain 2’s anniversary update went live on March 25, and while you can get the full list of additions over on Steam, even just the highlights are impressive. The Bandit survivor returns, and there’s a new monster, new elite, and new boss. The devs say “the final stage has been redone entirely, with unique objectives and a new, large arena to play in”, too.

Players are here for it, too. Following the update, the peak player count for Risk of Rain 2 hit 55,800, up from a high of just 7,370 the day before, as SteamDB shows. That’s by far the biggest number since the game’s 1.0 launch last year.

Risk of Rain 2 has certainly drawn in a lot of players. Back in January, the devs reported a total player count of three million – and clearly, plenty of them are ready to come back for a major update.

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There’s even more on the way, too – a paid expansion is set to launch in the final quarter of 2021.